Chile Turmeric (Pack of 6)

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Spice up your snack experience with zesty chiles and a gentle sprinkle of turmeric. If you don't know turmeric, you're missing out! Too many benefits to count. Chile Turmeric have the right amount of heat to keep you coming back for more.

Ingredients: amaranth flour, puffed amaranth, pea protein powder, organic cactus powder, chia seed, ground flax seed, organic spirulina, organic turmeric,  guajillo chile powder, garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, ground black pepper, citric acid, salt, flax seed oil.

Manufactured in a facility that also processes tree nuts, peanuts and wheat.


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Customer Reviews

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Chris M

It's pretty rare that I can find a healthy snack that my kids will eat. I'm finding I have to slow them down on these actually, they really do love them. Gotta love supporting a local/homemade business too. These are amazing!

Rachel Black
So addictive!

I can’t get enough of these snacks. Great flavor and crunch!

Luci Grause
So great!!

The best, healthiest crunchy snack. Only problem is my kids steal them all because they also love them. ;) I love introducing them to flavors they don't see everyday. Can't wait to get more!

Dang! These are good!

It was the nopales and turmeric that caught my eye, but it was the chile that sealed the deal. Being a New Mexican, I couldn’t resist ordering some for me to try, and enough to share with a few friends.
I love these!
I like having a crunchy evening snack but there are not many healthy options after you run out of carrot sticks and celery. These are a nice alternative when you crave a chip but don’t want the guilt.
The spice on this variety of Nemi Holisticks is delicious but very mild, in my opinion. I can’t imagine that even the most spice adverse person would have a problem with them. That said, and considering that I live in the Chile Capitol of World (yes, it’s actually spelled chile here, not chili), I liberally season a newly opened bag with a healthy dose of my favorite ground, New Mexican red chile to make these Nemis irresistible.

Mary! WOW! Thanks SO much for this amazing review! The 'chip with no guilt'- yes! We love learning what our customers think and thank you for sharing that it can take un poquito más spice :). Also, I also call chile chilE! :P


These are incredible! I've tried and loved all the flavors, but these are my fav. I had to go gluten-free for a few months, but still eat these even though I'm back on a regular diet. They're delicious!

YOU are incredible! Sooo stoked we can be part of your regulat and GF diet! GRACIAS amiga!