Nemi means "to live" in the Aztec language. We live for cravingly crunchy, addictive snack. Inspired by my native Mexico, I made deeply deliciosos snacks with ancestral superfoods and flavors straight outta the cocina! Fiber and protein get baked right in. Más sabor y menos junk.

We use mercado fresh spices, chiles and flavors. Artificial? Nada.

Somos gluten free, vegan and MUY YUM!


  • MUY YUM!

    We make Mexican-inspired flavored snacks FULL of sabor and crunch!


    Naturally gluten free amaranth, flax and chia seeds give Nemi snacks a dense, super-satisfying bite & slightly nutty taste.


    Nemi snacks are made with real and simple plants and seeds. We work directly with small farmers who harvest the best plants for our snacks, WOC and partner with a nonprofit committed to food justice.

Nopales (a.k.a. prickly pear paddle)

A staple of Mexican cuisine, the nopal is packed with gut-friendly fiber. Nopales are the most sustainable Mexican plant, they thrive in hot climate and need poquita water to survive. La FAO dice that it's "the plant of the future" . We just say it's the best plant.

We partner with Francisco,  who has a certified organic nopales farm in Mexico and continues using traditional farming techniques.