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We make delicious & crunchy sticks from cactus (nopales) in Mexican-inspired flavors: Smoky Chipotle, Chili Turmeric, Spirulina Lime and Churro (cinnamon and dates).

I'm Regina, grew up in Mexico eating nopales almost daily, moved to Chicago and had a hard time finding nutrient-dense savory snacks that still had that crunch and flavor I look for in chips. I created Nemi Holisticks to combine my love for health, chips, Mexican food and community.

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    We make Mexican-inspired flavored snacks FULL of sabor and crunch!


    Both nopal (cacatus) and amaranth seeds are drought-resistant crops and thrive in hot climates. Nopales need little water to survive making it one of THE most sustainable plants!


    Nemi Holisticks are made with real and simple plants and seeds, such as the cactus paddle (nopal) and amaranth seeds. We work directly with small farmers who harvest the best plants for our snacks, WOC and stay away from artificial colors/flavors.


One of the oldest Mexican plants packed with fiber and antioxidants. It has similar superfood benefits as moringa, kale and goji berries (The Times) and is the "plant of the future" (FAO). WE just say it's the BEST crunchy, Mexican-inspired snack EVER!

We partner with Francisco,  who has a certified organic nopales farm and continues using traditional farming techniques.