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Tangy lime meets earthy spirulina to create a perfect marriage of indulgence and healthy crunch!

Ingredients: amaranth flour, puffed amaranth, pea protein powder, organic cactus powder, chia seed, ground flax seed, organic spirulina, organic turmeric, lime powder, citric acid, salt, flax seed oil. 


Manufactured in a facility that also processes tree nuts, peanuts and wheat.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Our household favorite

I’m nervous to share how amazing there are because I do not want the inventory to disappear. All natural ingredients, Allergen friendly, crunchy, delicious. We order them weekly.

Gracias for this amazing review Jessica!!! So happy to be part of your family snacking game! You can now subscribe and sabe to ensure you don't run out of Nemi :) .

the best snack

Nemi Holisticks are by far my favorite snacks. The spirulina line are my favorite flavor but the chipotle are a close second. They are good for you but taste amazing and their customer service can’t be beat!

Hola Rachel! Gracias for this review! So happy to be part of your snacking experience and share un poquito de Mexico with you! We’re here thanks to YOU, so we’ll continue doing our best :) GRACIAS!

Salty crunchy snack that's healthy too

We were introduced to this great product in a gift box and have been hooked ever since. It's a perfect balance of salt, lime and crunch.

Gracias Michelle! So grateful you choose Nemi as a go-to snack! I have the same thoughts every time I try the Spirulina Lime- the salt, crunch and lime flavor keep me coming back every. single. time!

Spirulina Lime are a favorite!

We love the flavor of these. They are always the first ones gone out of our pantry! Great with queso, salsa and on their own.

Gracias Jennifer! So excited to be part of your family! Yup, Nemi go great with different salsas and dips (queso with chipotle is my favorito!).

Crunch away and feel good about it!

These little sticks satisfy those moments when i need to crunch on something but I don't want to feel bad afterwards.
Love the lime flavor!

Gracias Sandra for this review! I really appreciate it. YES, I totally get it, this is the kind of crunch and sabor we want in our lives!