Why Nemi Snacks?

Do you love crunchy snacks? We do too - obviously! Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find those on-the-go snacks made from real, whole food ingredients. Here at Nemi, we guarantee that our carefully chosen food products are muy auténtico, all while hitting the mark on crunch y sabor (flavor)! Allow us to introduce you.

The star ingredient of our snacks are nopales, the paddles of cactus. While these may sound exotic, nopales are a common cultural staple in Mexican cuisine. The nopales we use are grown on a family farm that is certified organic. They require minimal agua, making nopales one of the most sustainable plants on the planet to produce. Our nopales are then prepared to deliver that extra crunchy snap!

Crunch factor- check! Now let’s chat about how Nemi Snacks are muy nutritious! Nopales are rich in vitamin E, calcium, and magnesium, among other vitamins and minerals. The cacti pulp also contains fiber to help keep you full from snack to meal. They are perfectly portioned too! Did we mention that each serving of Nemi Snacks contains only 150 calories with a macronutrient profile averaging 20g of carbs, 3.5g of fat, and 6g of protein? Perfecto! 

What else do we add to our cactus sticks? Great question! Nemi Snacks come in 4 distinct flavors: Chile Turmeric, Churro, Mexican Lime, and Smoky Chipotle. It is pretty challenging to choose a favorite, so we suggest trying them all to compliment different moods, cravings, meals and occasions. Some of the ingredients vary per flavor, but the 6 mainstay ingredients (aside from nopales) include: amaranth, pea protein, flax seed, chia seed, turmeric, and spirulina. See the health benefits for each separate ingredient below.

  1. Amaranth is a drought-resistant plant and gluten-free pseudo grain. Pseudo means that it is not technically a grain, but a seed with a similar nutritional makeup as a grain. Amaranth is considered a complete protein and provides a generous dose of minerals como magnesium and iron. Sí, por favor!
  2. Pea protein is gaining popularity for multiple reasons. One reason is that the protein from pea powder is easily digested. The second reason is that pea protein feeds our good gut bacteria. Gut diversity is muy importante in supporting a strong immune system, the gut-brain connection, and overall health.
  3. Flax seeds are rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, y protein. Fiber, fat and protein help stabilize blood sugar and satisfies our hunger by helping us feel full faster and for longer. Flax seeds are typically used in baking, as dietary supplements, and to top tasty meals and snacks with- including our very own nopales!
  4. Chia seeds are itty bitty pellet-like seeds that surprisingly aid in satiety and weight loss because they also contain ample fiber, protein, and healthy fats. Don’t be fooled by their size, as they pack a nutrition punch - making them muy bien! 
  5. Turmeric is a yellow-orange root that we commonly recognize as a ground spice. The bioactive compound in turmeric is called curcumin. Curcumin is what gives turmeric its anti-inflammatory properties, what it is very well-known for.
  6. Spirulina is a vegan-approved, blue-green algae that acts as a powerful antioxidant to fight free radicals (hola y adiós, stress) in the body. Spirulina is one of the most nutrient-dense superfoods on the planet and aids in natural bodily detoxification.

Have we convinced you that Nemi Snacks are the ultimate healthy and crunchy snack? We thought so. Shop our snacks conveniently on this website or use our store locator to find a store near you that carries Nemis. Salud y a disfrutar! Cheers and enjoy!

Written and endorsed by: Danielle Cahalan, Registered Dietitian


  • Posted by Debbie McGlynn on

    I just would like to tell everyone out there who are trying to decide whether to try Nemi Snacks………..THE ANSWER IS YES YES YES! You will wish you did this sooner! I am addicted to this so very delicious crunchy healthy snack….. (the cinnamon churro is my favorite) this is the only snack I can say is my go to and actually my only go to snack! Regina is a kind and caring person and these snacks are made with that care! Debbie(a forever Nemi snacker!)

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